Module 4: The Observing Self


Step One

Using the Weekly Rating Sheet, please rate how well your life is working.



Step Two

What was your experience of practicing the present moment mindfulness exercises?
If you did not do any practice exercises, what thoughts or feelings got in the way?



Step Three


Main Ideas:

1. There is a part of us that thinks, a part of us that feels, and a part of us that is able to notice and observe our thinking and feeling.

2. We can call this part of us the Observing Self, the Noticing Self, the Watching Self, Pure Awareness, or any other name that makes sense to us.

3. This Observing Self is a safe place that we can learn to connect with at any time.

4. When we connect with our Observing Self, our thoughts and feelings have less impact on us.

5. Connecting with our Observing Self isn’t about controlling how we think and feel, it’s about having the freedom to make choices that improve our lives.



Step Four

Practice New Skills:

Please choose one of the exercises below to help you experience the process of connecting with the Observing Self. Sometimes it is easier to understand something if you experience it, rather than have someone try to explain it to you in words.  As you listen to the exercise, follow along as best you can with the instructions. Don’t worry if you get distracted or lose focus. This is normal. Just refocus on the exercise as soon as you notice that your mind has wandered.

Step Five

Between now and the next module, if you are willing…

Please commit to practicing one of the above exercises a set number of times and write your commitment down. You can choose to practice once a day, every two days, or just one time between now and the next module. It’s up to you. Just try your best to practice as many times as you commit to. Don’t worry if you don’t reach your target. We’re not aiming for perfection, just for trying our best. Whatever happens, continue to the next module. Sometimes difficult thoughts and feelings interfere in our lives and keep us from doing the things we set out to do. This is normal! And this is what we are practicing to overcome in these exercises.