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ACT Advisor Quick Assessment

Please score yourself on each item with a number from 1 to 10

Defusion score: _____

1 – My thoughts tell me how things really are and what I need to do

10 – I see each of my thoughts as just one of many ways to view things – what I do next is up to me and what works

Self score: _____

1 – The person I call me is my thoughts and feelings about myself

10 – The person I call me knows what I am thinking and feeling but is distinct from my thoughts and feelings and can observe them

Willingness (Acceptance) score: _____

1 – I constantly struggle with my feelings and emotions; I try to avoid or suppress them, become overwhelmed by them, or let them decide my actions

10 – I willingly accept my feelings and emotions even when I don’t like them

Presence score: _____

1 – I spend most of my time distracted, on autopilot, or having trouble paying attention

10 – I pay attention to what is happening in the present moment and can flexibly change the focus of my attention when needed

Values score: _____

1 – I don’t know what I want from life

10 – I am clear about what I choose to value in my life

Action score: _____

1 – I don’t manage to act on the things I care about

10 – I identify the actions I need to take to put my values into practice, and I see them through

Add up the numbers above to get your  Psychological Flexibility Score: _____

* Adapted from David Chantry